Saturday, February 2, 2013

My 22nd Birthday!

This year birthday is kinda special a bit, i didn't expect it will be epic surprise. I felt warmed and touched when received those surprise and celebration. Just wanna thanks to my lovely classmates, my family that called me to wish me, badminton club friends that wait me to come back and celebrate, and the naughty friend that celebrate with me at the night. 3 cakes + 1 fake cake in my birthday, eat until stomach going to explode haha. Really appreciate it so so so much :)

The epic moment when saw this paper around INTI International University, that time i was on duty for the exhibition week at MPH, when my classmates told me its time to go class and i just walked out the class and saw this paper pasted at the wall and i was like what the f? the way i go from MPH to the bridge, and stairs, and to class all everywhere got this paper. God damn what a EPIC surprise and i was like suddenly become a superstar in one day, damn pai seh but really thanks to my housemates idea and my classmates celebration. I can use this idea next time haha!
Actually there was second round as i back to my hostel, my housemates try to bang me with a big cream cake! but end up fail as i avoid it hahaha! after that my housemates celebrated for me before i rush to go for another place haha!

Yeah, this photo is going with my naughty friend and i quite love the shoot. Thanks so so much for everything and i feel happy celebrating with you :)

Lastly, my crazy badminton fever friends! they waited me for one hour + just to celebrate for me while they enjoying their bowling. Although we are always play badminton all the time but also feel unexpected they are trying to celebrate for me at the same time. Thanks so much buddies and i really really appreciated it!

Ok. This is 2013 Birthday Story. At the same time i wished thrice meaning i got many wishes to be come true? I don't know. Just looking forward to the next holiday which is Chinese New Year! haha :D


Joen Enen said...

happy birthday :)

Alfred said...

thanks joen :)

Enen Joen said...

You din update anything wo -_- got so busy meh